Author: Keller, Tim
Tags: Death
Series: How to Find God

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

As a pastor I’m always looking for helpful things to give to people in need. This small book (100 pages) leads a person through vital truths about death. It is broken into two main parts. The first part is on death itself and why it is difficult to face it. The second part is on grieving but grieving in a biblical way. The appendix is a helpful series of verses that a person could read day by day to bring comfort. Keller does a good job handling the biblical view of death and the hope of the Christian faith. I especially enjoyed his section on the beatific hope when we see God face to face in all His glory. The best is truly on the other side. Disclaimer: I’m not a Tim Keller fan in his ecclesiology and antipathy toward Baptists. However, those things don’t come out in this book.

Quotes from this book:

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