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God’s Design for Man and Woman

This is a 2014 book by Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger. It is a lengthy book of this type with over 350 pages of text. Both write an extensive amount in the book but it is all well-written and documented. Andreas’ style is to establish a biblical fact or rule, and then take the reader through […]

Marriage and the Family

Andreas Köstenberger has written a number of books recently on the family. This one (2012) was written with David W. Jones but is essentially Köstenberger’s. It is a good synopsis of his other writings in that it is only about 175 pages and contains shorter chapters written for the layman and parents. The chapters include […]

Parenting Essentials

Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger updated a previous volume (Equipping for Life) with this 2020 edition in a smaller (130 pages) and more readable format. The outline for the book (also shortened from the previous volume) is called 3R Parenting: Realistic, Relational, and Responsible. These flow in a chronological order from early marriage to parenting adult […]

Equipping for Life

Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger team up to write this 2018 book on parenting. This is a practical guide for parents new and old who are looking for real-life help and ideas in raising godly children. There are many personal stories from the authors but rightly so since this is a practical book. They take the […]

God, Marriage, and Family

This is the second edition (2004, 2010) of Kostenberger’s book (with David W. Jones). This is one of those books which I have owned for quite a few years but used it for reference purposes as you might use a dictionary. Last week I took it with me on a trip and read it in […]

The Final Days of Jesus

Kostenberger and Taylor present the events of the passion week in chronological order.  It reads as a harmony of the gospels followed by a brief commentary after each section.  The details are good and written from a conservative evangelical point of view.  I would disagree with the authors in their applications to ecumenicalism and anti-denominationalism, […]