Alpha Omega Curriculum


A visit to the web site of Alpha Omega will immediately tell you that it is a clearing house for other curriculum. Their choices are limited (I have to assume they chose to set these parameters) in publishers but offerings cover all the subjects. In grammar, for instance, you could order a Bob Jones course, a Switched On CD, or LifePac course. However, if you are not familiar with these curriculums, it will be difficult to know if any one is particularly suited to your student. A bigger problem arises if you choose one publisher, say Bob Jones, to cover the first three years and then decide to switch to another publisher. You, as the instructor MUST know if the new course will pick up exactly where the last ended, or at the least be able to identify that necessary lessons have been omitted. You are left with the responsibility to know the material your student may have skipped (the unfortunate gap in curriculums I have covered previously). I checked math and history curriculum offerings as well and found the same dilemma. It is possible to choose one and stick with it through all grades. This is fine unless you discover after two years that your student and this curriculum are not the best match. The best advice I can give for those of you who may not know the scope and sequence for every subject is to make every effort to stick to one publisher for primary learning. Branching out from the basics, the rudimentary elements of any subject, is much easier than trying to recoup all those pesky rudiments. Do you need specific help with getting your student into college from a home school program? Go to Then choose the college resource section.