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How Successful People Think

 This book was loaned to me by a friend who is a avid reader (along with a number of other things to read).  I’ve not been a big Maxwell fan because I always find him more secular than sacred.  But we probably should read more things like this in our “spare reading time.”  It made […]

The Surprising Work of God

This book is a history of the relationship between Harold John Ockenga and Billy Graham in the mid to later 1900’s. The author, Rosell, is the son of evangelist Merv Rosell. The Rosell’s were good friends and fellow ministers with both Harold Ockenga and Billy Graham. If you are interested in the history of evangelicalism […]

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

The “9 Marks” series by Mark Dever and his associates has been in print since 1997.  This original book was reprinted in 2000 and again in 2004.  I had not read Dever himself until now though I’ve read other 9-Marks books.  Dever has become a prominent conservative evangelical, a well-known SBC pastor, and a Reformed […]

How Effective Sermons Begin

I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book on homiletics again.  I’m reminded how relevant these books are to us, regardless of how long we’ve been preaching.  Ben and Lisa Awbrey live in Kansas City, where he now teaches, and we enjoy their fellowship often.  While pastoring in California Ben taught homiletics at the Master’s Seminary and […]

The Power of a Whisper

This book is a prime example of today’s anemic Christianity trying to walk in every way except by the Word of God. Hybels gives a detailed history of his own ministry and how (he believes) God talked to him through “whispers” all along the way. This is not just the usual “I believe God was […]

Richard V. Clearwaters

This article appeared in the October 15, 2001 issue (Vol. 52, No. 3) of The Baptist Bible Tribune. “There is no tangled skein of life too difficult for His divine fingers if we are willing to cast it into His lap.”1 That was the way Dr. Clearwaters began his autobiography.  From a sharecropper’s home in […]

A. T. Robertson

This article appeared in the Baptist Bible Tribune, January, 1999 A.T. Robertson was born on November 6, 1863, at Cherbury, the family home near Chatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, where he spent the first twelve years of his life. Though spending a few short years in North Carolina, and the rest of his life in Louisville, […]