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The Small Church in Today’s Culture

This isn’t an easy time for small churches.  In today’s culture, small often means inadequate, unsuccessful, non-visionary, and unexciting.  By today’s cultural standards those descriptions may be right.  Our culture sees bigness and excitement as marks of success.  By God’s standards, however, any size church may be successful or unsuccessful and may seem boring or […]

Christianity and Culture

On Kindle, when you finish one book by a certain author, it suggests a few others by the same author. Though I have read many by Machen, I had not seen this one. It is especially interesting to read men from a century before and see how they viewed culture (see my reviews on C.S. […]

Worship and Culture

In the twenty years that I have been writing Aletheia articles, perhaps nothing has been written about more than worship and culture.  Worship has become the description of how we “do church,” and culture has become what we are, not what we should strive to become.  Ravi Zacharias wrote, “Culture has become like a dress […]

What Happened To Christmas?

Now that it is January and Christmas is over until next year, I can risk sounding like Scrooge or maybe even the Grinch.  I have to confess that I labored through the Christmas season moaning and groaning at Christmas store commercials, Christmas television movies (the new ones anyway), Christmas network specials, Christmas online ads, Christmas […]

Leisure: The Basis of Culture

This is mostly a philosophical book and so may be difficult to read, yet it is the kind of difficult read that yields much harvest. This book calls for an individual to pull away from the frenzied life of working, planning, and doing in order that they may engage in leisure. What is so piercing […]

Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear To Trea...

I found Trueman as an author not long ago and have thoroughly enjoyed him.  I read this delightful book on my Kindle, then I bought two hard copies and have given them both away.  Carl Trueman is an Englishman by birth and now teaches at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.  He is typically Reformed in his […]

Mere Apologetics

I have generally enjoyed books by Alister McGrath.  He is a professor at King’s College in London and president of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics.  He is basically a mid-stream evangelical who you really identify with at one point and are really frustrated with at another.  For example, in this book he is really […]

The Intolerance of Tolerance

The topic of tolerance is a significant issue in today’s world. Carson here provides a very helpful introduction into the discussion, a helpful critique of the “new tolerance,” and a Christian way forward. The basic idea is that what used to be tolerance was simply acknowledging someone else’s right to different beliefs or practices. The […]

Popes & Bankers

The sub-title to this book is: “A cultural history of credit & debt, from Aristotle to AIG.”  I was given this book by a friend and I found it quite interesting.  I think everyone ought to read something in this field once in a while.  Cashill starts off explaining the laws of usury in the […]