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Why I Am A Baptist

I have had this book for a long time and decided to read it now along with some others about what has happened to our churches in the last fifty years.  This book was published by Broadman Press in 1972 mainly for Southern Baptists, but contains contributions from independent Baptists including my former professor Noel […]

The Battle For The Schools

I was asked about this book by a good friend who is in Bible College education.  I found it in the Faith BBC library and had two days to read it, which I did with much interest.  Best was a missionary in Brazil and wrote this critique of the current Christian college situation in 1982.  […]

Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study

This book is the culmination of decades of teaching and research by one of the foremost historians and theologians of the Baptist tradition. Garrett’s work is huge and intimidating at over 700 pages, but it is a once in a lifetime kind of work. This book focuses on Baptist theology primarily by considering theologians and […]

Theologians of the Baptist Tradition

This is a revised edition from the 1990 edition titled Baptist Theologians by the same editors. I enjoy books like this that give us a short biography of well-known men in history plus some important facts about their theology. Familiar names appear such as John Gill, Andrew Fuller, Charles Spurgeon, A.H. Strong, and even B.H. […]

The Necessity of Church History

Baptists have their roots in the English Reformation. Since their beginning, several beliefs have been at the center of their theology, including believer’s baptism, individual soul competency, congregational government, as well as fundamentally orthodox beliefs like the Trinity and the deity of Christ. Whether they are affirming the major beliefs of orthodoxy or their denominational […]

The Creedal Imperative

Trueman’s books have appeared here several times. Those reviews all note his English humor, his sharp historical mind, his willingness to call out contemporary evangelicalism for being too quickly taken by contemporary culture and its pressures, they all call for a deeper understanding of historical theology, and they have all been reviewed positively. Put in […]

Why Study History: Reflecting on the Imp...

This book is not necessarily an apology for church history so much as an apology for history in general. Fea teaches history at a Christian college (Messiah College) and regularly tries to instill into his freshman the general importance of taking their required history classes seriously and the benefit that history can be to anyone. […]

Baptists in America

This is a 2015 book by two Baylor University history professors. It contains 13 chapters plus Preface and Conclusion, about 250 pages in all. The authors take you from the colonial days when the Baptists were basically “outlaws” to the culture and state laws, to the 21st century. Though I have read Baptist history many […]

Baptists Through The Centuries

I have enjoyed reading David Bebbington over the past few years. He is Professor of History at the University of Stirling in Scotland. In this 2010 book the author traces the story of Baptists from their first identity in England with John Smyth about 1609, to Baptists in America in the early twenty-first century. Bebbington […]