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The omniscient view, as this column’s title phrase suggests, is not within the human realm.  My hope, however, is to draw upon 25+ years of classroom instruction in both public and private institutions, as well as my experience as curriculum director and home-school implementation coordinator.  This experience has provided valuable insights into core curriculums that work, ones that do not, and supplemental programs which you as a parent may find needful and helpful.  I will also continue to review books for you, especially with the idea of using such books in supplement to your current public, private, or home-school study program.  Those book reviews are included in “The Book Shelf”.

What is “core” curriculum?  This refers to the primary resource for learning a subject that an instructor or school system has chosen to use.  It should have a name — Harcourt Brace or A Beka, for example.  It should be designed to supply certain minimum learning steps and or premises of each primary subject.  These primary subjects are math, science, language, and social studies/history.

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